This course will change your perspective on Instagram marketing and teach you everything you need to know to successfully market your business on the platform.
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Complete breakdown of Instagram algorithm

Go from a beginner to pro.

Learn & grow your first 10k followers

Hack the Instagram algorithm.

Learn what top profiles do.

Understand various growth strategies.

Designing contents using free tools.

Get your post seen across seas.

How to analyze and optimize ads.

Increasing your sales revenue.


Social Behaviour

Social Psychology fundamentals, how it relates to the behaviour and the FOMO theory with worldwide instagram statistics.


Crafting Your Account

Types of accounts, perfecting the instagram handle, importance of usernames, perfecting profile picture, understanding CTA and crafting your account to perfection.


Content Strategy

The value behind content drafting, importance and types of content, Understand the best practices to post with a few booster tips.


Hack The Algorithm

Learn what kind of posts perform best on instagram, The secrets of landing on the explorer page and how hashtags work.


Growth Outreach

Target the right audience for your account, understand the power of influencer marketing and how to strategize it.


Profile Boosters

Exploit the power of Instagram Ads. Know the importance of reach Statistics, traffic flows and the crtical components to higher success.


Increasing Success

Utilize the first mover advantage and establishing a deeper connection with audience by being authentic and unique.


Monetizing Strategies

Champion your brand value and build your relationship to increase your value.


Shadow Banned

Abiding best practices and methods to improve key reasons as to why your content might not be reaching your desired audience.


SEO for Instagram

Learn six techniques to expand and drive organic growth to your account by utilizing the power of search engine optimization.


Tools and Techs

List of available online tools to create awesome content, Tools to maximize growth and generate hashtag to increase the quality benchmark of your content.


30 Days guide

A 30 day step by step printable strategy guide that will grow organically and get high visibility with a bonus set of captions and strong alternate words.

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